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  • List a job for free

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Jaimy helps you reach the best Belgian tradesmen in a few clicks. It's so handy, isn't it?

Why should you use Jaimy for your renovation work?


By comparing different quotes, you make the best decisions according to your budget

Quality and securityQuality and security

We are checking tradesmen reliability and our community rewards qualitative work once the job is done


You can count on our in-house customer service to support you on all your job requests

Time savingTime saving

With Jaimy, you don't need more than 3 clicks to be in touch with several tradesmen who match your project and your area.
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  • Happy“Really happy about the result. Everything was just perfect! I can really recommend this service”Rating: 5/5 - Tom, Brussels
  • Satisfied“Very satisfied with the professional”Rating: 5/5 - Mr. Suys, Brussels
  • Clean“The works have been carried out perfectly”Rating: 5/5 - Elza, Brussels

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