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Benefits of a professional heating maintenance

    Safer and more economical

    A well-maintained boiler uses up to 10% less energy, saving an average family around 100 euros a year on their energy bill. Plus: a well-functioning boiler is safer, with less risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Reduced risk of breakdown

    During a maintenance, small malfunctions can be detected. This prevents the boiler from suddenly breaking down during winter - and you paying major repair costs. Another advantage is that a well-maintained boiler will last longer!

    Legally compliant certificate

    Depending on the region where you live in Belgium, the government demands an annual, biennial or triennial maintenance of your HVAC. After the maintenance, our heating technician will provide you with a legally compliant combustion certificate.

Your maintenance in 3 easy steps:


Request your appointment

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Fix a date

We'll call you within 24 hours after your request, to schedule an appointment.


Maintenance + Certification

You can pay the professional after the maintenance service.

When is the best time to plan a boiler maintenance?

  • In spring or summer, because of the risk of defects due to wear and tear increases after intensive use during winter.
  • Should a minor problem arise during boiler maintenance in the summer, it is less troublesome to briefly interrupt the HVAC system.
  • Our heating professionals are less busy during spring and summer,  what makes it easier to make an appointment.

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